Services & Domains
End-to-end solutions
  • System Requirement Study (SRS): GIS is a versatile technology and is applicable to a very wide range of projects. Project requirements depend upon its objective and expected deliverables. Thus System Requirement Study (SRS) is the foremost and most important step to capture the exact project requirements and spell the specifications for each of the project component. We undertake systematic SRS to crystallize the exact requirements and specifications of client.
  • Project Planning: We carry out detailed project requirement study and accordingly formulate project methodology, define its specifications & deliverables in consultation with the clients, plan the resources and execute the project.
  • Project execution: It includes data collection from various sources, data processing to make it GIS compatible, data compilation, quality checking of the data (on desk & in field), data analyses (spatial & aspatial), project documentation, customised application development and capacity building.
  • Data acquisition: Depending on project requirement, we acquire data through various sources / satellite imaging agencies (such as NRSC, Hyderabad and DigitalGlobe,USA), Land Records department, town planning department, industrial development corporation, Census department, Meterological department, etc.
Field Surveys
  • Drone Surveying & Mapping: State-of-the art drone surveying and mapping is undertaken by us to acquire latest and very high-resolution aerial images (spatial resolution 5cms) for the project area. Drone survey is best suited for inaccessible areas because it is remote controlled and does not jeopardize human resources.
    Drone data processing yields ortho mosaics showing seamless images (2D data), and 3D data in the form of Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM), contours & point cloud to depict the terrain closest to reality. High resolution videos can also be captured and are very powerful tools for inspection of engineering structures such as bridges and dams.
  • Electronic field surveying and mapping: We also use Global Positioning System (GPS), Differential GPS (DGPS) and Total Station surveys to map urban spaces. Through DGPS survey, Ground Control Points are established as reference for Total Station survey and geo-referencing of high-resolution images. Total Station survey maps all the surface features such as roads, railways, water bodies, compounds & fences, buildings, etc.
  • Household surveys: We undertake household data collection for urban planning and property tax projects. This refers to detailed data collection for entire project area using questionnaire method. For property data collection, measurement of internal property dimensions are carried out using electronic disto meters and digital photographs are captured for each property.
  • Tree census surveys: We undertake tree census surveys for collection of data of as per specifications of the relevant Act of the State. Tree census surveys include tree data collection in terms of tree height & girth, common and botanical names of the tress, its species, etc. and digital photographs of the tree and its leaves.
Data Processing
  • Digital Image Processing: It refers to tool and techniques used for image correction, image enhancement and image processing. We render services for geo-referencing, creation of seamless mosaic, enhancing data visibility, vegetation analysis, image classification, computing image statistics.
  • Computerisation of paper maps: We specialise in accurate computerisation of revenue maps (namely city survey maps, village maps and approved layouts) and their superimposition on high-resolution satellite images, an important part of any urban GIS project.
  • Computerisation of old records: We enter old property tax database of urban local bodies into standard RDBMS.
Application Development

We undertake development of online (web based) desktop and mobile-based software applications. Some of our successful projects include:
  • Display of interactive maps onto webportal
  • Online/ offline tracking of vehicles
  • Collection of field data from several field locations via SMS
  • Mobile application for property tax collection
  • Mobile application for solid waste collection & monitoring
Human Resource Services
  • Expert Human Resources at client location: We recruit train expert manpower as per the criteria specified by the client and deploy them onto client location.
  • Recruitment: We also organize recruitment drives and recruitment selection procedures for other organisations.
  • Short term training: We impart short term training on GIS Concepts and hands-on training of Autodesk, ESRI, Bentley & ERDAS products. These are best suited for fresh graduates/ post graduates who aspire to build their careers in geospatial industry and also for research scholars.
  • Specialised training: For specific user groups, we conduct on-demand specialised training. After carrying out Training Need Analysis we design tailor-made training courses to meet the specific requirements of target group. Such training programs are conducted within our premises as well as at client locations.
  • Awareness programs: To spread awareness about GIS technology and career prospects in Geospatial industry amongst the students pursuing graduation and higher studies in various colleges / universities across Maharashtra State & outside, we also conduct free GIS awareness programs.
  • Academic project traineeship: We accommodate students undergoing higher education in Geoinformatics for 4-6 months’ duration as academic project trainees. These trainees participate in ongoing urban GIS projects of Xenolith Geoservices and are imparted on-the-job training experience.