Project Name

1. Aurangabad Municipal Corporation-

2. Urun Islampur Muncipal Council - GIS based Property Tax Management System -

For better property tax management using GIS, We have prepared detailed digital base maps depicting existing infrastructure and individual building footprints within Islampur municipal council limits. Detailed questionnaire, designed in consultation with the municipal council have been used to collect information from every property owner. External and internal measurements using laser distometer and digital photograph capture were also undertaken. The final output will have attribute information, photographs and floor-wise single line plans with area statement attached to every mapped building.

3.  Alandi Municipal Council - Property Tax Management System

4. PMC Heritage Information

Heritage refers to something which is inherited from one's ancestors. Heritage places may have any of the following nature

  • Historical heritage- a nation or group's historic monuments, museum collections, etc.
  • Natural heritage, a nation's fauna and flora, natural resources, and landscape
  • Industrial Heritage, the monuments from the industrial culture
The archive of heritage places in Pune is available with Pune Municipal Corporation in the form of album and folder with name and hard copy photograph(s) of the every individual heritage place. As the limitations of the paper documents are well known, the imperative need of a digital system to store and maintain this data is hereby underlined.